Why Choose DIAL ONE?

It can be frustrating to choose a company to provide the essential services you need for your home and business including pest control, plumbing, and appliance repair. When you are looking for a contractor, there are many reasons why you should choose DIAL ONE businesses over any competitor.

DIAL ONE companies are committed to the same code of ethics, providing great products and services from people you can trust and are locally based in the New Orleans area.

What can you expect from DIAL ONE?

Many companies make empty promises, but at DIAL ONE, our independent franchises commit to the same set of values and standards when they become part of the DIAL ONE family. Our locally owned group of franchises approaches different areas of services with the same commitment to quality and value.

The DIAL ONE Family

You can rely on DIAL ONE for many of the services you need in your home and business. Each of our franchises is independently operated and committed to the business values listed above.

Each member of the DIAL ONE network promises:

  • Strong commitment to the quality of their work
  • Prompt and courteous service
  • Consistent and open communication between service provider and customer
  • Only the best materials
  • Protection of your home while work is completed
  • Skilled professionals


Whether you are looking for pest control that works, plumbers you can trust, appliance repair, or any number of other services, call the DIAL ONE family of franchises and feel confident that you are getting great service from experienced professionals. Stop looking and make your choice call us today (504) 455-4100!